How to Choose an Outdoor Wicker Chair

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An outdoor wicker chair makes a comfortable seating area for your outdoor living space. Before going out to buy one for your home, find out if this kind of chair complements your current patio design. Just like when you are shopping for other kinds of furniture, make sure that there are no protruding parts or sharp edges. This is the usual problem about wicker chairs. You can just add waterproof cushions on the seat to make it even more comfortable for your family or guests.

Not all wicker chairs are actually made of wicker material. Some are now made of plastic or resin synthetic materials. They look a lot like traditional wicker, but they are a bit pricier. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of each kind so you know which fits your budget and your preferences. The presence of other types of furniture in your patio should also be considered when buying an additional piece like a wicker chair. This is especially necessary if your existing furniture is also made of wicker material. Mismatching rarely works for home design. Moreover, do not forget to measure your patio. You won’t like to have a furniture piece that will make your space look cramped.

When you think you found the chair that is perfect for your outdoor area, spend a few minutes examining the quality before actually purchasing it. Never skip this step especially if you are buying from a garage sale or a used furniture shop. Check for any rotting part or gaps and torn parts. Sitting down on it for a few second is a good way to test the sturdiness. The same is true when choosing a cushion for your wicker chair. If it is necessary to keep the costs down, do a little research first about the off-peak season in your area. Usually, it is during summer or early fall that shops hold promos and sales. You can benefit a lot from price markdowns. Off-season purchases could lead to ownership of sturdy, high quality furniture for your home. These could last a lot longer than chairs bought from garage sales and used furniture shops. As a consumer, you need to be extra smart when it comes to substantial investments like furniture pieces. You can provide your family with a home that they are comfortable in without burning your pocket or drowning in credit card debt.

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