Indian Home Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

Indian Inspired Home Decor

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Are you inspired to decorate your home with some beautiful Indian home décor? Indian décor is nothing but basic. Every ornament, every small detail is all about color, texture and tradition. The moment you come inside an authentic Indian home, the first thing that you observe is the amazing richness of color! Colors such as orange, red, brown and all other warm colors are used in almost all ornament.

First there are layers upon layers of silk fabric used for different items in a home. Brightly colored silk curtains are used as window treatments from the curtains to the curtain valance. The silk panels could extend from the window to all the walls and sections of a room. Moving your eyes to the wonderful furniture pieces, there are wooden chairs with unique carvings, section cabinets, low –lying tables, exotic lamps, side tables and so many more. Every furniture piece is almost decades old and most have been surely passed on from generation to generation.

Living rooms inspired with Indian home décor are peppered with different kinds of accessories and ornaments big and small. Traditional ornaments such as bronze statues, metal candlesticks, metal dishes filled with all kinds of flowers, stones and collections and wall décor of different Indian inspirations. Embracing Indian culture and belief helps you appreciate the various wall décor and religious ornament in an Indian home. It is common to find images of their gods and goddesses in every room seemingly done to bless each and every room in a home.

Another obvious item in every living room Indian décor is the unusual lighting. Should there be windows or doors that would allow natural light in then this is basically used. On the other hand, spot lighting is done to highlight each antique or traditional piece. Light fixtures are scattered inside a home and all sorts of lamps and candles are used to provide artificial lighting.

If you plan to use Indian home décor for your living room then it is important to understand Indian history and culture. You need to create a harmonious air in your living room by coordinating all the furniture, décor, lighting and room accessories. It is also important to note that there are different regions in India that have distinct decorative ideas. You could take inspiration from each region and create a harmonious atmosphere in your living room through tying all your decorative pieces together.

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