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Victorian home décor is luxury home décor. It is the use of elegant furniture pieces, the most luxurious wall color and the most valuable carpeting, accessories and ornaments to suit your discerning tastes. Victorian décor is simply luxurious but still very relaxing and appealing to anyone looking for comfortable room décor.

And along with using Victorian home décor is the care and maintenance of these pieces. How do you care for bulky furniture pieces such as living room sofas, armchairs, beds, dining sets and recliners? How do you maintain the beauty and color of your lush Victorian carpets, tapestries, pillows and pillow cases and more?

Keep in mind that cleaning takes more than removing dust from the outside portion of the furniture. Use a powerful vacuum to suck up dirt and grime from beds, sofas, armchairs and other furniture pieces; you may also use powerful wet and dry vacs to remove dirt and years of grime from your furniture inside and out. Sometimes you can’t simply DIY but you must hire a professional cleaning service to remove blemishes and dirt from carpets and furniture. A professional carpet cleaner will also get the job done in no time at all, which is perfect for someone on the go.

Dust makes furniture pieces look old and ugly and therefore maintaining furniture and removing dust should be done regularly. A vacuum would help and so will a light, slightly damp cloth. Check with furniture manufacturers for more details on how to clean and maintain this type of furniture and if furniture polish is allowed. There are many types of polishes for different kinds of timber finishes. Using the right one will bring out the shine and the beauty of your wooden furniture pieces.

Victorian home décor also calls for genuine painting, prints and posters. Taking care of these wall ornaments is important to ensure that these will stand the test of time. Using light vacuum pressure to remove dust that has accumulated along the outermost surface of the artwork or painting is your best option. Do not wipe with a wet rag or apply any cleaning products to remove dust. Simply polish the frame and you are done.

Victorian home décor is also about using thick tapestries and carpets. Thick and expensive tapestries and carpets need professional help at least once a year. You may vacuum with a suitable attachment to remove dust, hair and dirt but grime should be removed by an experienced carpet cleaning company.

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