Why Use Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

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Low voltage landscape lighting is exactly what it says; instead of using regular type bulbs for your yard or garden, low voltage bulbs are used to illuminate your property especially during night time. But will low voltage lighting be enough to provide the best lighting solution for a huge garden or what about certain weather conditions?

Low voltage systems operate only on 12 volts; this means that it can provide efficient lighting in the most cost-efficient manner. Operating on just 12 volts saves you so much on electricity bills allowing you to have more money to spend on other things in your home.

Aside from giving you a lot of savings on your electricity bills, you will also find that low voltage systems are easier to install compared to 120 volt systems. In a regular outdoor lighting system, you will need to use 120 volt current from inside you home which needs the assistance of an experienced electrician or landscape artists that will install landscape lighting. Therefore you do not need to hire a professional which saves you a lot of money as well.

Low voltage landscape lighting is safer compared to 120 volt systems. There are different types of low voltage systems and no matter what size, shape or brand the system is, there are four basic parts. First is the transformer which plus to an outdoor electrical source which reduces the voltage from a regular 120 volt to only 12 volts. These transformers are easy to operate because most are equipped with a timer to automatically power on your landscape lighting during certain times of day.

The low voltage landscape lighting cables are another component of this smart system. Cables may vary according to the size of the transformer and the length of cable wire you need. If you have doubts, contact customer service to find out the ideal gauge of wire that you will need for your transformer.

On the other hand, pathway lighting and accent fixtures are very important in creating a low voltage landscape lighting solution. You can find a lot of lighting systems that use 12 volt lighting; these fixtures will make your garden or yard one of the most amazing places to be in day or night. Think about all the great savings that you will get if you rely on low voltage lighting solutions for you home.

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