Moroccan Home Décor – Important Accents to Create a Lovely Moroccan Home

Moroccan Home Decor

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So you would like to create a lovely home with Moroccan home décor. There are several accessories that should help you feel that Moroccan vibe soon enough. With these accents, you will also be able to decorate a warm, comfortable and charming Moroccan-inspired room.

Colorful Moroccan lamps are made of forged metal, iron, dark wood or leather. These are suspended from the ceiling using thick ropes, chains or stringed beads. Lamps make any room look more colorful, dramatic and very sophisticated. Place a few colorful lamps in the middle of the living room just like pendants or you could place these in the corners to illuminate intricate pieces that you have placed in these areas of the room. There are electric Moroccan lamps and there are candlelit too. Whichever you choose will absolutely make your room more spectacular and more stylish.

Authentic Moroccan tapestries are perfect in creating a truly genuine Moroccan feel. Hang your tapestries along a main wall, drape a center table with one or spread it across a simple sofa. Some thick pieces may be used as rugs but don’t forget to take care of these pieces carefully. You can find authentic pieces from trade shops, antique shops or from experienced sellers online. If you are unsure of the piece that you would like to purchase, ask for help from a professional or an experienced seller.

Enchanting brass lamps are very popular in Moroccan home décor shops and these lamps are more than just ornaments, they are also investments. A lot of Moroccan brass lamps are worth a small fortune; if you happen to spot one at a bargain price be sure to take advantage since these are definitely worth a lot. Have an appraiser help you purchase authentic pieces. You may place these in the corner of a room or, if you have several pieces, place them on a cabinet or on a side table and use spot lighting to accent the piece or pieces. And if you have an exceptionally valuable piece, place it in a cabinet enclosed in glass or on your mantle for a very valuable conversation piece.

Moroccan home décor will never be complete without colorful pillows; lots and lots of pillows. Scatter them around; place them randomly on your sofa or along the carpet. Soft and colorful pillows create a stylish and luxurious Moroccan appeal.

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