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Have you ever wanted to try nautical home décor for your living room or bedroom? There are so many great nautical decorations and furniture that convey the nautical theme; here are a few ideas that could help you out.

There are things that will instantly remind you of the sea, of a great ocean adventure or simply a cruise that you went to on a holiday. Things such as an anchor, a sailing ship, a life preserver, an oar or the steering wheel of a ship will instantly transport your imagination to a wonderful place where the smell and the feel of the sea is imminent! And these things are not just placed uniformly in a room; these could be integrated in every day home furnishing and home décor.

If you cannot find a real rusty anchor, use an anchor decal on your wall or anchor designs on your pillow cases, mats, mirrors and frames. A ship is definitely too big to even fit in your home and therefore delicate collector’s item ships would do! Miniature ship building could even become a wonderful hobby for you! A life preserver hung over the mantel could be an overpowering sight and you can tone it down a bit with life preserver pillows, mats, curtains and ornaments. And who could bring home a real life steering wheel from a real ship? There are bargain pieces from retail outlets online and offline that looks, even better than the real thing! There are also steering wheel chandelier pieces and center tables that will make your home bleed with the nautical theme!

The color blue and white seem to be two of the most familiar colors when it comes to creating a nautical home décor style in whatever room of the house you wish to transform. The easiest way to use blue and white color is to paint your room blue and white. A room with four walls should be painted this way: a main wall where all the decorative pieces and furniture pieces are centered is painted navy blue while the remaining three walls are painted white. You may also try a white and blue striped pattern on your walls for a more dramatic nautical impact.

A nautical home décor style is all about matching sofa and chair covers, rugs and mats and also on pillow cases and curtains. You will never be able to get enough once you start decorating nautical style.

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