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Purple Home Decorations

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Purple is a color shade that is a mix of red and violet, although because of its popularity from ancient to modern times, purple home decor is often regarded as one of the most popular home interior design choices.

Purple has connotations of authority, and represents importance and power of the person who wears, or it this case, decorates their home with it. If you have low self-esteem you would like to improve, or if you would like your home to become a more authoritative environment, decorate with purple to emphasize these features.

Purple home decor also gives us variation, as we also consider many more color shades as purple, such as violet, indigo, and lilac, as variations of purple. So when we’re decorating with color, we have plenty of freedom in the depth, strength, and lightness of the shade we use in our homes. To bring depth and texture into the home, we can use a selection of purple tones to create a multidimensional and softer color atmosphere.

Because of purple’s location on the color wheel, between red and blue, it sits close to the neutral center. The shade of purple depends on its definition as either warm or cool (violet is cooler whilst fuchsia is considered as warm) which puts purple in a very interesting and beneficial position. Too much warm or cool inside your home can make your room feel stuffy and too small, or too deserted and cold. Purple is simple to neutralize and simply by adding a variety of purple shades, will re-balance the heat of your room’s color palette.

Purple is often portrayed in a rich and deep shade, inspired by the precious gemstone amethyst. If you enjoy bold and bright color combinations, you can use rich jewel toned purple with other jewel colors such as aquamarine, emerald, sapphire, and ruby to create a really rich and luxurious yet exciting and fun color palette. Include these colors in small accents to add subtle splashes of color and sparkle, or incorporate these into your soft furnishings with embellishments for a unique style that combines bohemian and luxe interior design trends, with purple at the very core.

Purple can be very bold and overpowering, and if you’re looking to make subtle additions to your home, you can add a select few color accents around the home. The beauty of color accents is that they can be stylish, but inexpensive and easy to adapt as you wish. Small decorative items such as photo frames, candles, and trinkets, will bring impacting pops of purple into your home without overpowering. If you’d like to add more color, you can introduce more or larger accents, and even begin to introduce it into soft furnishings like rugs or curtains, which can be updated easier than wall colors.

Purple’s nod to authority, passion, and vanity, make it a perfect color for bedrooms, but it’s extremely adaptable and dynamic that we can’t see any reason why purple home decor won’t be a perfect match for any room in your home.

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