Quick Step-By-Step Guide for Painting Wicker Furniture

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Painting wicker furniture is easy and fun to do. Whether you are painting your wicker furniture piece to prolong its use or to have it fit in with your room’s color scheme, it is a simple project as long as you follow a few stress-free rules.

  1. Clean your piece of wicker furniture. It is important that you clean your wicker furniture before painting it. Cleaning your piece will allow your paint job to look better and more importantly last longer. First wipe off the furniture using a rag to remove loose dust or grime from the furniture. Then take a soft paint brush or soft iron bristle brush to remove any leftover paint chips or extra dirt that has been left on the furniture. DO NOT use a power washer to clean wicker furniture because the water pressure may be too strong and may end up breaking your furniture piece.
  2. Apply primer. Before painting your wicker furniture be sure to apply one or two coats of primer. It is important to apply primer to keep the wicker protected, to keep the wicker from absorbing the paint you want to apply, and to add a little extra strength to your wicker furniture. The easiest type of primer to use is one that can be spray painted on rather than hand painted on. This will allow you to get the primer in every nook and cranny which can be easily missed by a paint brush as well as to keep the primer from globing together.
  3. Choose your paint. Make sure that the paint you are choosing is suitable for painting wicker furniture. Some paints are more flexible than others so it is important to check that you have the right kind of paint so the paint will last as long as possible on your wicker furniture. Like the primer, consider using a spray paint, rather than paint that has to be hand painted on, to ensure your wicker furniture will be fully coated.
  4. Apply your paint. Painting your wicker furniture should be simple and fun. Just spray down your already cleaned and primed furniture piece with the paint you chose. Apply at least two coats to ensure that your furniture piece is fully coated. Make sure to let the first coat of paint dry before you paint your second coat.
  5. Give your wicker furniture time to dry. Allow your newly painted wicker furniture at least two to seven days of drying time depending on the furniture’s function. If the furniture is for decoration two days should be more than enough time, however, if the furniture is for sitting or lounging allowing a week for it to dry is highly recommended.
  6. Place your painted wicker furniture where it belongs. Now that your wicker furniture is looking the way you want it to, it is time to place it where it belongs.

Flowing these steps for painting wicker furniture should make the wicker furniture you truly desire in your home a breeze.

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