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Hippie Chic Home Decor

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So you think hippie home décor suits your home best? There are a lot of hip homeowners that actually think the same way too. These homeowners may have experienced the cool 60s and the outrageous 70s that they would love to have these as their home décor. Some homeowners simply appreciate this home décor theme and would like to adapt its relaxing atmosphere. But no matter what the reason may be, you can have the hippie home décor style in your home when you follow these tips.

Another name for the hippie era is the psychedelic era and what more could represent these times than a splash of different colors of the rainbow. Use psychedelic-colored fabrics for your curtains, upholster, bedding, linen and pillow cases. There are also rugs and carpets of different provocative colors that will surely inspire you. Colors play an important part of any hippie room and this is of course very evident in wall color. Instead of using one or two color combinations for your room, why not use five or six colors? Don’t forget wooden wall accents such as window frames, shelves, cabinets, furnace sidings, mantels and door frames. You can even paint your door using this interesting scheme!

Lighting is also important in a hippie room décor since it makes the room brighter or dimmer as you please. Make use of different lighting fixtures and accents. Using pendant lighting, chandeliers, spot lighting and even disco globes are great ideas to create a hip and fun room. Natural light also plays a huge role. Large windows and patio doors are great to let more light in and this will definitely make any room brighter and bigger.

Furniture pieces that are very popular during the psychedelic era are pieces that are sleek, comfortable and sexy. Try white or red leather couches and arm chairs, cute and colorful leather ottomans, low coffee tables, side tables and grand dining sets and so many more.

When it comes to bedroom furniture, you can bet that you will gladly retire in hippie room décor. You will love luxurious water beds, huge lamps, wonderfully soft carpets and so many more. A lot of hippie home décor furniture pieces are made to order and thus are made perfectly for a particular room. This process may be quite expensive but it’s a guarantee that your furniture piece will be perfect for the room it is built for.

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