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There is nothing quite like resin wicker outdoor furniture to make your outdoor living spaces feel welcoming and homey. Imagine relaxing on your front porch or back patio area, sitting in your comfortably padded wicker chair, sipping on iced tea and listening to the chirping birds or the joyful noises of the neighborhood kids.

Resin wicker outdoor furniture is a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional or rattan wicker; you’ll usually find resin wicker furniture sporting cute and cozy cushions, much like traditional wicker.

Rattan wicker is made with natural materials that are woven into the “wicker” pattern; unfortunately, but inevitably, that natural material will succumb to the elements. On the other hand, resin wicker is perfect for patios, porches, and other gathering areas around your yard because it is not vulnerable to many outdoor elements that can damage furniture. It’s resistant to most outdoor elements and it’s super-easy to clean. Resin wicker outdoor furniture has all these pluses, and it has a look virtually identical to natural, rattan wicker.

The durability of resin wicker outdoor furniture is due to how it’s made. Its base material consists of polyethylene resin fibers, which gives the furniture its amazing strength and endurance. These fibers are usually woven onto a lightweight aluminum frame; this combination of materials makes for easily movable furniture for your porch or patio. Moreover, the resin wicker has the look of natural wicker, without any of the downfalls.

One problem with natural wicker it is completely susceptible to the elements—water, temperature, pests, and sunlight—and will eventually start to deteriorate in looks and sturdiness. Resin wicker is extremely durable because it’s resistant to water, changes in temperature, the UV radiation from the sun, and it’s impervious to pests. The strength makes it a far superior choice for outdoor wicker furniture—it could potentially last a lifetime!

In addition to all of the amazing durability benefits, resin wicker outdoor furniture is also so amazingly easy to clean. Regardless of whether your resin wicker furniture is plagued with dirt, grime, pollen, food, or whatever else you can imagine, the resin wicker readily cleans-up with a common cleaning solution on a paper towel, a damp cloth, or even a quick spray with a garden hose. Because the material doesn’t permanently retain water or stains, it has the potential to look brand new through many years of use. This is so crucial today because most people want to invest their hard-earned money in outdoor furniture that will be usable and look beautiful for decades. This resilience makes resin wicker outdoor furniture well worth the initial investment. And, if you at some point desire a slightly different look, you can simply replace the furniture’s cushions with a different color or pattern and—abracadabra—it’s as if you’ve purchased all new outdoor furniture.

Resin wicker outdoor furniture will make any of your porches, patios, and other outdoor living spaces look inviting, feel comfortable, and beg for you and your guests to come sit a spell.

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