Reliving the Past with Retro Home Décor

Retro Home Decor Ideas

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What does it take to have retro home décor? Some homes naturally have the retro style while some homeowners try to achieve that retro feel in a modern home. But can you really transform a totally modern home into a retro abode? The answer is yes! You will be able to do this with the use of retro home accessories, retro furniture and retro lighting and wall color. Here are some pointers:

When it comes to retro home décor, accessories count a lot. There are different eras that influence a retro theme but the most influential ones were the 1960s to 70s. It was these times when homeownership was booming and home designs were amazing. Decorations that you can choose from are psychedelic rugs and prints, mosaic wall décor, long and functional lamps, brightly colored pillow cases and beaded curtains and dividers. Accessories in retro are functional, colorful and have rich textures. You can find amazing retro accessories from bargain sites, flea markets and garage sales.

Retro décor is also about using the right furniture. Distressed furniture pieces such as dressers, tables, chairs and study tables is just one way to dress up a retro home. Colorful and cool 70s furniture covered with luxurious leather or faux leather is also a great idea. And of course who could forget wooden turntable cabinets, side tables, minimalistic center tables and cabinet dividers to hold all sorts of knick knacks? Retro furniture is simply any kind of furniture that feels comfortable to the skin. There are no exact specifications or style; it is just a matter of using designs that will work for your kind of lifestyle.

Retro home lighting is using pendant lighting, yellow colored bulbs, enchanting lava lamps and even stringing Christmas lights across will look retro. Using natural lighting is also a part of a retro home. A homeowner needs to take advantage of large patio doors, large windows and even natural ceiling lighting to be able to make the home bright and comfortable

When you think of home décor there are a couple of important things to keep in mind: safety and versatility. No matter what kind of home décor style you are looking for, furniture, ornaments and fixtures should be safe to use as well as versatile too. Retro home décor is fun and colorful but these two factors should also be kept in mind.

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