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Rockabilly home decor showcases items in your home to give a clear tribute to the Rockabilly era, a subculture from the early 1950s that was born from the earliest days of rock and roll music, and the socializing that came with it. So whether you lived and breathed that era and want to decorate your home to hark back to those happy times, or you admire the style, music, and lifestyle of the era and culture, the rockabilly era is a delightful and quirky vintage twist that you can use to bring personality and fun into your home.

To make that Rockabilly home decor filter into every crevice of interior design in your home, make sure your furniture tells the same story as your decor. With origins in the early 1950s, make sure you hit those vintage stores and used furniture sales to find yourself some funky mid-century pieces. If you don’t want to go all out, just one or two stunning pieces will serve as great feature pieces in your home.

For some, Rockabilly style is a lifestyle and involves the way they dress, travel, and spend their time every day. If this is you, go forth and decorate your entire home in rockabilly home decor, from colors and layouts to furniture and then finishing touches. Others admire the style and energy of the era, and want to inject a little bit of that into their home for a truly unique look. If this is you, consider defining just one room in your home as your ‘Rockabilly room’, which could be a space for dancing and entertaining, a music room, a your bedroom where you want your personality to shine through your decor, or even a dressing room where you can display your rock and roll fashion and beauty style.

Rockabilly style was a complete overhaul of the post-war 1940s styles that preceded it; it was almost a rebellion. With that, interior design fashions began to consist of bold colorways, bold prints, and unusual shapes.

Spots, stripes, and very bold floral patterns were suddenly favored over plain prints, and neutral and muted colors were pushed aside by primary and secondary colors such as bold reds and blues.

Pastel tones were popular, but were complemented and contrasted against accents of powerful, bright colors, and decor became busy, and plenty of it, above the neat and subtle homeware from earlier decades.

Mismatched tableware, brightly painted wooden furniture, and bold feature wall or flooring patterns took over homes, and if you’re looking to recreate what is now a kitsch and arty style, it’s a simple and inexpensive look to recreate.

Wall decor is another way to amplify the Rockabilly home decor style. Hanging artifacts on the wall (records and guitars are a popular choice as they sum up the era fantastically), is a simple way to really showcase the style you want your home to conceive.

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