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If you love eccentric home décor then you will absolutely be impressed with skull home décor. Just when you think that wearing skull accessories and merchandise is just a fashion statement, there is a huge line of home decorations, accessories and furniture that are skull-inspired. Check out the following cool skull accessories:

A skull decorative piece made from different materials that looks and feels like an actual skull is the most popular accent. You can find skulls made of metal, wood, ceramic or hard plastic and these could be painted in different colors while some are even bejeweled. Skull pieces may be placed on the coffee table, on a side table or on top of a cabinet or rack. If you have a lot of skull items, you can have these placed in a glass cabinet or on top of a cabinet.

Skull furniture pieces are labelled as Gothic furnishings. Aside from being dark-colored, you may find these intricately decorated with all kinds of skull designs from realistic skull drawings to animated designs. You may also find carvings of skulls, skull drawer pulls and skull knobs. Types of furniture pieces include curio cabinets, drawers, dressers, armoires, sofas, dining tables, armchairs and beds.

Skull home décor also uses paintings and artwork. Expect huge posters and paintings of skulls in different angles along with skulls in different stages of decay. Other popular prints are animated skulls that seem to talk, smile or scare people while there are images of skulls with other Gothic images such as snakes, roses, thorns, chains, guns and knives. Skulls biting roses, snakes emanating from the mouth of skulls, and chains wrapping the skull are the usual prints that you may find in a skull-inspired room.

But something as gothic and scary as a skull may also be decorated to become eclectic décor. Most popular decorative accents are pink and blue mini skulls decorated with beads and sequins, neon colored skulls, dinner plates with skull design, skull lamps, skull beads, pillow cases and curtains with skull prints and so much more. There are also a lot of skull acrylic wall décor; you will find skulls of different designs, colors, sizes and styles. This is a cool way to add skull décor on your walls, just peel and set on the wall surface and your wall skull home décor is ready.

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