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Small Bedroom Ideas

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If your teenage daughter or son’s room is just way too small then you need find some teenage bedroom ideas especially for small rooms. There is nothing wrong with small rooms, what you need is talent and great imagination to work things out.

Sometimes small rooms may have very little space to store anything. The best thing is to place all the things that need to be stored up. By building cabinet space on top of everything, you will have plenty of room on the floor for furniture. Just like building kitchen cabinets, place all your teenage child’s things in shelves and cabinets that are higher than his bed. For clothes, create smart storage spaces underneath her bed such as baskets, plastic cabinets and so much more. You can also use shelves above tables or study areas to store items that she needs for studying as well as books and computer accessories.

Small rooms may be tiny but it does not mean they no personality. Your child’s room usually mirrors their unique personalities and you can draw from his or her interests for teenage bedroom ideas when you decorate. If your daughter loves books then you may create shelves for all her books and even use books for decoration. If he loves cars especially Formula 1 cars then color his room according to his favorite team’s color; an insignia of the team could become the focal point on his wall.

Teens need their jam and they want all the conveniences of having their own stuff too. Have a place where he can put all his stuff especially his computer and his music and where he could study separately. A small room is not a hindrance to distract your child; you can place his computer and his games on one side but place his desktop and his studies on the other using long tables and movable chairs.

Teens love to stay in their rooms but why do they find it so hard to clean? No one exactly knows why this is so but you have the perfect solution. By placing a basket in his room to place all his dirty laundry in, you are actually telling him to keep clean and to become self-reliant. You can take this to the next level by introducing another teenage bedroom idea to keep his room clean. You can reward him for vacuuming his room and keeping it tidy for a week.

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