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Southwest Style Home Decor

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Have you ever wanted to decorate your home using Southwest home décor? This kind of home decorating idea is all about using dramatic prints, warm colors, large and even overstuffed furniture pieces and of course wonderful wood. If you plan to decorate using Southwest décor then the first thing that you need to do is to learn about this type of theme by highlighting some of the most important points of Southwest home décor.

Walls are painted warm with colors matching the Southwest environment such as brown, gold, white, gray and even red. All these colors could be used individually or paint your main wall the brightest color while the other walls have the lightest shades. Cabinets, wood trimmings, window frames, door frames, shelves, cabinets and furnace mantels all get a lighter color shade along with the remaining walls. Just like any other wall color project, you must consider important factors of the room just like artificial and natural lighting, flooring and furniture. Considering all these will hopefully help you create a wonderful and comfortable room with Southwest home décor.

As mentioned, lighting is important in decorating a southwestern room. It would be great if you have more natural light in a room but if there is just artificial light to rely on you may use suitable lighting solutions such as pendant lighting, chandelier lighting or spot lighting.

As mentioned, wood is a prominent feature for furniture and you can find fine crafted wooden dining sets, living room sets, cabinets, drawers and armoires. Wood has a natural warm appeal and wooden furniture pieces have their own warm appeal that is present in most southwestern rooms and homes.

Aside from wall color, lighting and furniture, southwest designs are also about wonderful ornaments and fixtures. You will find wall ornaments against warm-colored paint; ornaments based on natural elements such as paintings of natural scenery, western themes and wild designs are prevalent in southwestern wall art and posters. The use of textured fabrics with a western flair as well as ornaments that depict a southwester theme such as rustic lamps, old clocks, pots, pans, and ceramics may be used.

It is not hard to adapt a Southwest home décor theme; all it takes is inspiration and the use of authentic southwestern furniture and décor. Study southwestern designs well and you will find it easy to use this lovely and relaxing theme for any room of your house.

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