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Basement egress windows are important in a home, especially if the basement is used as a living area. Thus if you use your basement as an extra bedroom, a  game room, study area or home theatre, then you are required to install this kind of window. An egress window provides a place where you could evacuate from your basement should an emergency happen. It also ensures that help could reach you easily too. An egress window also improves circulation and lighting in your basement.

Lacking egress windows in a home with a basement used as a living space is a building code violation. But if you do not already have this kind of window installed, it is not too late to have one constructed. You need a professional contractor to help you with installation and to ensure that your basement egress windows installation follows building codes. But this does not mean that you cannot pick a great egress window design or a window style that will suit your taste. Talk to your contractor beforehand so your egress window design will be incorporated in its construction.

Making sure that your construction project does not affect power lines, water pipes, sewer pipes and cables is very important in any basement project. An experienced contractor will be able to ascertain all these important aspects of your project and make sure that everything is in order before your proceed.

After your plans have been reviewed and the materials are ready, construction of your egress windows commences. Since basements are usually located beneath ground level, excavating the area where the windows will be placed is necessary. It would possibly take around a day to remove soil and rocks and then another day to prepare the wall for your windows. It is recommended that every room in a basement should have an egress window installed and this includes the laundry room or a utility room.

Buying egress windows should be done after measuring and assessing the existing area. The window should be large enough for people to go in and out while safety and security are also considered foremost. Another important aspect of constructing basement egress windows is placing stairway or access areas so you can easily get out in case of an emergency. On the lighter side, you can transform your egress window into a creative space. You may place hanging plants or a small chair or stool in this area creating a special personal space.

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