10 Amazing Asian Wall Decor Ideas

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Asia is one of the world’s largest continents and one of the most densely populated so it’s no surprise that Asian wall decor is making an impact on global interior design.

Within Asia, is almost fifty separate countries, and even more cultures, subcultures, fashions, and lifestyles. With so much variation and style, it’s easy to see why people all across the world are being influenced by Asian interior design and bringing a touch of Asia into their home.

Although Asia is an extremely vast place, we can differentiate between two key interior design styles as Far Eastern and Middle Eastern. Middle Eastern interior design has a really big focus on architecture. With hot and dry climates, Middle Eastern homes aren’t always required to provide shelter from rain and snow, just shelter from the blazing sun. This means that homes can become creative, and striking.

While we can’t redesign our entire home, one way to instill that Middle Eastern cool architecture is to use creative wall art.

A silhouette of an Asian town as a giant mural across a large and empty wall can really change the atmosphere in any room and even become the room’s main feature. In a less contrasting color, a giant skyline can add a completely understated, but transformative, element to a room. Middle Eastern homes also celebrate color, boldness, and intricate decoration.

Jewel tones that sparkly and stand out will make an impact – if you’re feeling brave consider a wall mosaic that brings a sparkling rainbow of color into your home.

Traditional Arabian patterns are popular today, and they can complement any style of room. Small, geometric wall hangings showcase creativity, whereas more subtly toned canvases or drapes across the wall will provide a powerful but gentle asset.

Middle Eastern homes are often minimal in function, and the focus of the room is placed on decorative items that bring color, fun, and light. If you want to bring a very small piece of that into your home, a bright wall canvas or a floating shelf with sparkling trinkets is a fantastic starting point.

Far Eastern interior design features styles of homes that originated in countries such as Japan, China, and Indonesia. These styles of design showcase a more simplistic and minimalist style of decor that focuses on quality materials and rich, contrasting colors.

Both dark and light woods feature heavily in furniture, but the focus is always on how the room makes you feel. Is it relaxing, or energizing? This should be dictated by the room’s decor.

If you’re looking to bring some of this stylish and sleek Far Eastern interior design into your home, starting with Asian wall decor is a great place to begin.

Minimal wooden shelving is a simple addition you can make, which can elongate a room.

Scrolls and wall hangings are very traditional, but their size can make a great statement piece in an otherwise simple or minimal room.

The possibilities with Asian wall decor are almost endless because of the richness of style across Asia. Use places you have visited and your imagination as inspiration.

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