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Wild and bold prints, these are the two best descriptions for African home décor. This kind of home decorating style makes use of different kinds of African animal inspirations to come up with a stylish, warm and inviting home. Here are some great African inspirations for home decorating this year.

If you are new to decorating using Africa accents and ornaments it’s smart to take it easy at first. You can start with using accents such as vases, pillow cases, figures and carvings and rugs. Since you do not have a strong idea yet on how to go about decorating your home with this strong style, you could start by using a few pieces and then build your interest as you go along.

Decorating with African prints and fabrics is a very common trend. Fabrics mostly have animal prints such as zebra stripes, giraffe prints or cheetah hides. You can also find tribal prints with rich colors such as brown, black, gold, red, oranges and white. A smart tip is to use African home décor in combination with animal and tribal prints . Decorating an all-zebra striped room may look too overwhelming and inappropriate. The best way is to use three or four designs and scatter these fabrics along the different areas of your room to make a proportional and stylish effect.

African carvings, masks and statues are another way to go about this decorating style. If you want to make a carving or an ornament a focal point in a room, place it in an area where it will be easily noticed such as the center table, on top of your fireplace mantel or on the mantel, on a lighted bookcase or hang it on your main wall. You will easily draw attention to your African décor using these clever tips.

Take the African scenery into your living room or dining area by using dried twigs, tall grasses and dry wall color in your room. Place tall twigs in a large vase, or arrange these on a huge vase and use as a corner room décor. Place grass in a rectangular ceramic vase and place on your living room or dining room table. Make your wall color scheme African – inspired with colors such as sand, brown, white, gold, red or green. Renovating your home using powerful African home décor is easy when you use smart decorating tips.

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