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Turquoise home décor has become more popular these days. However, home décor using this vibrant color ranges from the simple to the eccentric! The reason, it can’t be helped when you are decorating with turquoise simply because it is a very popular color. But decorating with a single color scheme should not be too overpowering; with smart decorating you will be able to pull off a warm and stylish room using turquoise-colored accessories and accents. Here are some great tips:

First of all, using turquoise paint color on your wall creates a very powerful effect. You may either paint all your walls this color or you may combine it with white or use turquoise on a main wall. This color naturally makes any room appear larger and instantly draws attention to the walls. A great way to splash the entire room with turquoise color is to paint a wall containing a window white, while the wall nearest to the window is painted turquoise. Sunlight hits this color and will instantly create a warm magical glow all around your room.

You may brighten a room with a turquoise colored sofa or an arm chair instead of using this color on your wall. Place the turquoise-colored furniture in the middle of the room or in an area along your main wall to become the starting point of your turquoise home décor strategy. Place throw pillows of different colors or a solid color combination of white and black and you get a stylish and comfortable turquoise accent in your room.

This beautiful color may also be used for accessories inside a room – however use these sparingly! You can find turquoise pieces such as tall glass vases, wall clocks, boxes, baskets, picture frames, bedding, candlesticks, paintings, blankets, lamps and so on. You may easily get carried away with the wide variety of items that you can use for decorating and so keep in mind that you do not want to create an overpowering room color but instead pepper areas of your room with it. Remember that even a small turquoise ornament or accent can be easily identified upon entering a room and therefore should be used accordingly.

Using turquoise home décor is exciting and at the same time challenging. You have a lot of creative options on your hands as to how you could make the most out of your room using warm and stylish turquoise.

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