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What comes to your mind when you hear mermaid home décor? Do you picture under the sea comforts? Do you think of corals and perhaps an aquarium to decorate your living space? This kind of home décor is not just about inspiring mermaid or under the sea ornaments but rather it is all about creating a fantastic, fun and relaxing room or home. Here are a few unique ideas:

Start off with a wall color that, of course, conforms to under the sea hues. Walls should be blue, green or a combination of both. The ceiling remains white while every wooden accent such as window frames, door frames, fireplace sidings and mantels and shelves are all painted either blue or green. Flooring may either be luxurious carpets that complement green or blue walls or natural stone to look like the sandy ocean floor.

Decorate your walls with fantastic mermaid memorabilia such as paintings, posters, prints and acrylic prints. Frame a photo of the sea, a lighthouse, a boat or fish to create a wonderful deep ocean feeling. You can also scour flea markets and second hand shops for great sailor or pirate ship items such as a sailing ship wheel, a make-believe anchor, fishing nets, fishing hooks and so on. Anything with a nautical theme would pass for mermaid home décor and therefore do not overlook the chance to look for these finds in markets and online sites.

Fabrics with a beautiful ocean blue hue plus green foam are the best fabrics to choose for curtains, window valances, upholstery, pillow cases, bedding and table cloths. Pillow cases with a nautical theme as well as under the sea designs will also work for mermaid-inspired home décor.

There are so many amazing accessories to collect and display in your mermaid home; dried corals, figurines of mermaids, fish and undersea life, lamps, clocks and books. And possibly the most impressive mermaid-inspired upgrade that you can create in any kind of room in your home is a saltwater aquarium. Although harder to maintain than a freshwater tank, this aquarium is perfect to feature undersea life and to house interesting mermaid home décor pieces. Choose undersea creatures and fish really well too. You could install your own tank or have professional contractors do this for you. An aquarium is definitely a huge remodel that will make your mermaid-inspired room come to life!

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