French Country Home Décor Ideas for Decorating Your Chateau

French Country Home Designs

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What does it take to bring French country home décor style into your home? French home décor is a combination of style and comfort: overstuffed sofas, rich use of fabrics and beautiful lighting. Any home can become your personal French chateau when you follow these simple tips:

French country is using beautiful fabrics with gorgeous provincial designs. Using a softer room color is best and this goes for all the nooks and crannies of your wall. From the fireplace trims, mantels, window frames and cabinets, everything may be painted the same soft-colored hue to emphasize simple yet dramatic French country home decor designs.

Have you ever heard of toile? This is a pattern that is evident in most French fabrics. You can find classic toile prints in almost any room of a French home such as bedding, pillow cases and even on French curtains. If you do not know how to begin decorating a French home then you should start with a simple toile design. Sometimes a beautiful picture frame could spark inspiration for more interesting toile designs on different fabrics and surfaces in your home.

French kitchens are the most beautiful no matter what color or how small it may be. Now that there are a lot of options to decorate kitchens, you can use decorative faux finishes instead of completely constructing new kitchen cabinets. A great color to try is glazed blue, which is perfect for complementing wood, for inlay patterns on top of stoves, wall cabinets and along the kitchen windows. French kitchens boast of space and function and the most prominent is the kitchen island where a lot of action takes place. While the countertop itself may be of simple design, use different colored natural stone on your bench to bring French style into the room. Use old-style kitchen faucets, pendant lighting and wall accents. A wrought iron frame hung over the top of a kitchen island could become a great place to hang pots and pans as well as dry fresh herbs, both of which are common practices in French kitchens.

Using natural stone such as marble, granite and slate is a prominent accent in French homes. A beautiful natural accent would be a stone fireplace for your living room or a stone splashback in your kitchen. This natural stone accent brings a warm and inviting country feel in any home and is one of the top ideas in French country home décor.

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